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Coach Bill Bragg, 1937-2023

It is with great sadness that we share the death of our club founder, Bill Bragg. Bill passed away on Friday, August 18, 2023. He was 86 years old. While his legal name was “Billy Ray Bragg,” to much of the world, he will forever be known only by title and term of respect, “Coach.”

Coach Bragg in his garage with one of his many dogs and even greater number of paddles.

Coach had a huge impact on all of us, the ripples of which are felt far and wide.

He brought innovation to the sport, likely building the first carbon fiber paddles, and was never afraid to experiment with new designs. Coaching was instinctive to Bill Bragg – very much a part of his DNA. He could be found talking to anyone about their technique and would happily give direction to all beginners. There are many Olympians who have said he was the very first person to come and help them with their technique when all others ignored them.

Thanks for all you did for us Coach.  We are ever so grateful.

Bill’s 1950’s surf shop logo
repurposed for paddlers.

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