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Our Club’s Coaches

Head Coach – Drew Story

The Ventura Canoe & Kayak Club is coached by Drew Story, a Ventura native.  He has over 40 years of paddling experience and is a National champion in multiple categories and age brackets.  Drew is a two-time Junior World Team member and has been coached, trained, and mentored by Bill Bragg. During his paddling career, Drew competed for the United States in Bulgaria, Canada, Cuba, Denmark, Finland, and Mexico.

Drew is a certified Level III coach by the International Canoe Federation and American Canoe Association. He has also raced outrigger canoes for many years, competing primarily with Dana Outrigger Canoe Club in Dana Point. Today, he trains Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during the week, and does a distance workout on Sunday in the Ventura Harbor.  On his “off days” he rides a road bike, runs, and trains for various endurance events.  (Checkout the workout and training schedule here.)

Assistant Coach – Lynn Rimkus

Lynn has just been approved as Assistant Coach!  Updates to come.

Coach Emeritus – Bill Bragg

The founder and person to whom all of the Ventura Olympic Canoe Club (the original name for the club) knew simply as “Coach” is Bill Bragg.

Coach Bragg is a legend in the American paddling community and is known for his innovation, dedication to learning new techniques, and his scientific approach to the sport.  Coach still paddles regularly and his opinions and perspective still guide the Ventura Canoe & Kayak Club today, and always will.

You’ll see club stickers of Bill’s old surfboard shop logo of a man in a suit holding a sign that reads “Paddlers by Bragg” as we all owe him a debt of thanks.