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Want to Join Us?

COVID-19 Notice

All of our coaches are fully vaccinated! We request that if possible, you are too, prior to coming to a club workout. We will be outside at all times and observe safety measures as prescribed by the CDC.

All activities must be done at your own risk!


Club Tryouts

We would be happy to give you a tryout if you’re interested in sprint canoe and kayaking and would like to consider joining our club!  We have weekly workouts and will set up a time for you to come give our sport a try.  We offer tryouts on a very limited basis – three to four times a year – so that we can properly manage coaching resources to work with our club paddlers and beginners simultaneously.  

Please read everything below as well as our Beginning Paddler FAQs before you commit to this and complete the form below.

  • We limit when we offer these tryout sessions so that we can focus on our club members, too.  (Most are in the Spring when the water is warmer.)  A tryout is a serious undertaking.
  • Tryouts cost $10 per person – this covers half of our liability insurance, you are welcome to donate more if you’d like.
  • We provide all equipment (including personal floatation devices) for you to learn the sport.
  • You must sign a waiver prior.  A link will be sent to you prior to the tryout.
  • Tryouts are open to adults and minors 12 years and older.
  • All paddlers MUST be able to swim 100 yards without aid.
  • Our club meets at the public dock found at 1212 Navigator Drive in the Ventura Harbor on the south side of the Portside housing development.  We do not have a physical building or sign! There is a parking lot and two beach volleyball courts near our dock – please park there and look for us on the dock – we get there ahead of time to set up and have equipment ready. Parking is free.

Request a Tryout

    I am confirming that I can swim 100 yards unaided and that I will sign the ACA waiver and pay the $10 "event" fee for insurance.

    * The form will not work until all items above are completed.