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COVID-19 Notice

All of our coaches are fully vaccinated! We request that if possible, you are too, prior to coming to a class or workout. We will be outside at all times and observe safety measures as prescribed by the CDC.

All activities must be done at your own risk!

Introduction to Sprint Canoe & Kayak

We offer classes for beginning paddlers on most Saturdays from 8:30 to 10AM! The classes let you try out our more stable training kayaks and canoes. Classes also cover water safety, basic paddling technique.

If you think that sprint canoe and kayak might be a sport for you and wish to join the club, you’ll need to review our club Bylaws and Rules.

Please read everything below as well as our Beginning Paddler FAQs before you commit to this!

  • Although the class is free, we now collect a $10 deposit per reservation due to people signing up and then not showing. We will refund the $10 deposit when you show to class, however if you don’t show it is forfeited. We provide all equipment and life jackets. (Note that the club pays a $10 per person liability insurance fee for you. We will gladly accept donations if you feel so inclined.)
  • Using our appointment tool below, you can schedule an “Introduction to Sprint Canoe & Kayak Class” for up to 4 people per session. Note that someone else may have signed up for some of these slots already. If you need to cancel, or none of “regular appointment” times work for you, please reach out to us directly through our contact form.
  • Please be sure to sign the appropriate waivereither for Adults or the one for Minors (these links will open in new tabs/windows) – as we cannot permit the use of our equipment prior. Our waiver is good for an entire calendar year and needs to be signed for the first class only.
  • Your appointment will be in pending status until one of our coaches has been able to review your application and we have also received a signed liability waiver. Occasionally we may ask you to reschedule due to our own availability issues. (We let people calendar appointments only 3 weeks in advance so hopefully scheduling conflicts are rare.)
  • Classes are open to adults and minors 12 years and older. All participants MUST be able to swim 100 yards without aid.
  • Please be sure that each person signs a waiver to confirm the class.
  • Class is about an hour and a half long to two and half hours long, depending on the size of the group, and will be held at the public dock found at 1212 Navigator Drive in the Ventura Harbor on the south side of the Portside housing development. We do not have a physical building or sign! There is a parking lot and two beach volleyball courts near our dock – please park there and look for us on the dock – we get there ahead of time to set up and have equipment ready. Parking is free.

  • You will receive both email and text messages about the class. The text comes from an automated service, not one of our numbers.

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