VCKC Board Members

The Ventura Canoe & Kayak Club Board meets at a minimum twice a year and publishes Board minutes in our “News & Noise” section of the website.  Should have you a question for the Board, please use our contact form.

Erin  Andrews 
–  Board President

Erin is a former Ventura Olympic Canoe Club paddler and National Champion. She also was on the women’s rowing team at Stanford. Erin lives in the Seattle area today and is the owner of indi chocolate.

Mary Milner Haffner
 – Vice President

Mary Milner Haffner lives in Ventura and is a former Board member for the Ventura Unified School District Board.  She’s a law partner at the Haffner Law Group and is active in many social causes for Ventura.

Ed Goldthwaite, CPA 
 – Treasurer

Ed Goldthwaite lives in Tustin and is a CPA in private practice.  Ed has paddled with Ventura for four decades, specializing in canoe.  He has been a National champion and member of the Junior World Championship team for the United States.  

Ed continues to race in the Masters division at the Nationals each summer and is known for his quick starts.

Drew Story
– Board Secretary
(non-voting member)

Drew Story serves as the Board Secretary, maintaining minutes and preparing the agenda. He is also the current Head Coach which makes his role on the Board a non-voting one. The Board sets policy and direction for Drew to execute.

Drew has been a Ventura paddler for over four decades and was on two Junior World teams.  A former history teacher, Drew now works (part-time now) at Patagonia in the IT Department when he’s not paddling or coaching.