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Training Plans & Workouts

Our Training Plans

We create training plans with a goal of peaking at the Nationals in August, and perhaps one or two other races during the year.  (For anyone not familiar with mesocycles and microcycles in training, there are many articles on the web such as this one that will give you an overview.)   Our training plans are also different based on the athlete’s age but all are aimed at improving a paddler’s skills.  (There are more details about our training and coaching in the News  section of this site.)

The grid below gives you an idea of how we define our training phases:

Phase Sets and Reps Workouts
Hypertrophy 3-4 sets x 10 reps Base and endurance loading
Basic Strength 3-4 sets x 5 reps Technique and some endurance
Strength / Power 3-5 sets x 2 or 3 reps Intervals – technique and speed
Peaking 2-3 sets x 1 to 3 reps High intensive training – speed, speed, speed
Unload Active Rest Race and recovery
Transition Rest End of Season to Start of Next Season