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Club Bylaws, Rules, and Membership Application

Club Bylaws

Last updated: December 5, 2018
Updated various sections at the recommendation of the Board to improve and clarify communication and responsibilities.  Updates include adding language regards immediate suspension from the club for threats, bullying or other physical intimidation, clarification that the Treasurer is responsible for financial filings, and language requiring all volunteers and staff to complete the American Canoe Association’s Safe Sport online training.

Club Rules

  • Have fun while making good decisions.
  • Support and encourage the growth of others.
  • Include everyone.
  • Do your best and trust that everyone else will, too.
  • Be kind, even when others may not be in return.



Membership Application

We have no paid staff; all coaches and assistants are volunteers. Liability insurance requires a $5 fee for “events” or membership in the American Canoe Association for $40 a year.  If invited to the club, dues are currently set at $20/month/person (with a 20% discount for multiple family members).  Dues are used to cover the cost of boat storage, equipment upkeep, and purchasing new club equipment. We will also have fundraisers from time to time to purchase new equipment and support team travel to Nationals or Trials. Once your membership is approved, you’ll be given access to our TeamReach account.

Please download, print and read the membership application.  If you choose to join the club, please complete all requirements and bring signed copies of the application to the next club practice.

You will need to provide us with your American Canoe Association membership number.   

Since we get liability insurance from your ACA membership and require all members to sign our waiver’s linked from the Join Us page. Please join the ACA before completing the application below so that you have your ACA number.

Members are responsible for purchasing their own PFDs after six months, their own paddles after nine months, and should be working towards owning their own boat anytime after a year of paddling. 

All paddlers 18 and older, and all volunteers must also take the (free) Safe Sport course provided by the US Center for Safe Sport.  Information about this program is provided on the American Canoe Association website.  Athletes under 18 have an option to take an age appropriate version of the Safe Sport training, too, and are encouraged to do so.

* You may pay club does online, or set up automatic bank transfers or via check, which helps the club as we do not pay processing fees.


All coaching staff and other volunteers much complete the American Canoe Association’s Safe Sport online training.  Coaching staff must also maintain valid CPR certificates and are also encouraged to become certified by the International Canoe Federation as Level III (or above) coaches.  All adults working with youth will also have a background check performed.