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October 2020 Board Meeting Minutes

Attending: President Erin Andrews, Treasurer Ed Goldthwaite, Secretary Drew Story, and club member Lynn Rimkus.
(Vice President Mary Haffner was unable to attend.)

Meeting began at 7:00pm with introductions of Lynn and greetings.

1. Fall and Winter Recruiting Plans
Covid-19 protocols will be enforced. These include:

  • Wearing of masks on land and docks during instruction or supervision.
  • Maintaining a minimum of six feet physical distancing.
  • Cleaning all equipment and PFDs after workouts as well as leaving them in the sunlight for a day between use.

Erin suggested we have a visual aid for the distance.
Drew said a kayak paddle’s distance would work.
Erin also recommended the creation of signage with reminders of our protocols to be posted during sessions. Good idea!
(Drew has created these and will print them for workouts / recruiting sessions.)

2. Assistant Coach and Protocols
Drew would like to recruit Lynn Rimkus as an Assistant Coach giving her free club membership in exchange for her time. Also discussed was the minimum certifications volunteers and coaches should have.

Drew suggested:

    1. Completion of CPR course,
    2. Completion of SafeSport course,
    3. Using NCSI for background checks.

Erin asked about diversity training.
Drew will look for some online courses that might be useful and report back to the Board over the next few weeks.
Lynn may have a resource to share from a client she works with.
Drew noted that having diversity training as part of our formal processes would be useful with our Guidestar certification.

Erin moved to approve the above recommendations, Ed seconded; passed unanimously.

3. Board membership
Does anyone want or need to leave? Without an active club roster, election of Board members still isn’t viable but Drew could seek replacements if anyone needs to move along as I know all of you are busy people. (I want you to stay, but don’t want to overstay my welcome either.)

All Board members are happy and willing to continue to serve. Thank you Board!

4. Request from Individual for Access to Boat Trailer/Equipment
Denied by Board for liability and supervision concerns. With one keycard for the storage area, and our insurance policy, coaching staff must be on hand and supervise the use of club equipment. (Rentals of space are available separately from the Ventura Harbor.)

5. New Wheels for Trailer
Drew has purchased new wheels for the boat trailer. He purchased higher rated wheels than we may need for safety knowing that we might have a great deal more weight put on the trailer if we carry the C4 mold or something similar. For a bit more money, we get much better wheels. The club’s bank account still has over $1,000 in reserves.

Board meeting ended at 7:32pm

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