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Club Update 2017 – What’s Next?

A short update from Drew here. ┬áIt has been awhile since the status of the club organization has been shared, but here’s what’s been going on and what’s coming up for anyone who might be curious.

By the way, we’ve had a few inquiries lately, too, so that’s good!

  • Boats have been donated to the club and are getting repaired and made ready.  See the inventory here.  (We’ll soon have another K-1, too.)
  • I have been certified as a coach by the American Canoe Association and as a Level 3 coach by the International Canoe Federation.
  • In December, the club will register as a “Paddle America Club” with the ACA, re-gaining official club status with our governing body and more importantly, having insurance coverage for sanctioned events and club activities.
  • In January, I will begin the registration process for making the club a 501.3c non-profit sports body which will allow us to accept donations that will in turn be tax deductions for people.

The next phase of the club’s rebirth will be to gain permission to place a container at Marina Park for boat storage and providing us with an official club meeting and training location.  I expect this to take many months, but hope to have this finalized by September, 2018.  This will then be the time to begin recruiting paddlers and building more boats and infrastructure for the club.

A side note: I have a torn left rotator cuff and damaged ligament that will be keeping me off the water for at least the next two to three months while I go through physical therapy and possibly have surgery.  I will still be writing and publishing training guidelines for the club knowing that having this training schedule published is important for future coaching staff and paddlers.


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