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Inventory: July, 2017

The re-birth of the club got a good boost this year with donations of boats from Dana Outrigger Canoe Club and Bob “Gomes” Hahn.  DOCC purchased a trailer from Hawaii Canoe and Kayak that had several old boats on it and they donated three of them to VOCC; two Van Dusen “Hawks” and a Van Dusen K-2.  Gomes followed up later with a donation of a Van Dusen “Eagle” and two Struer doubles, a C-2 “Omega” and a K-2 “Regina.”

The boats all needed some attention and maintenance, including new seats and foot braces for the boats from DOCC and a lot of glass and refinishing for the Omega.

K-2 Regina

C-2 Omega Replacement seats and foot braces

All of the boats are nearly ready for paddling again.  With the C-1 donated by Jim Ross, and the Nelo owned by Drew, the boat inventory is looking pretty good for starting the club in the summer of 2018.

Storage Racks for VOCC

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