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Updated Club Bylaws

The club is (finally) starting — we have a couple of new members currently giving C-1s a try, and doing quite well.

In the next month, the Masters members will be attending the US Nationals in Oklahoma City.  Upon our return, we will pursue the establishment of our 501c3 status as an official non-profit corporation.  (This will take some time!) Coupled with our Paddle America Club status with the American Canoe Association, we will officially be a club in other’s eyes, too.

As part of this, it was also time to review our original Bylaws.  They’ve been updated now — see the link in the footer of the website for the latest version at all times.

It was time to also put some basic, core VOCC rules together.

These are the rules:

  1. Have fun while making good decisions. 

  2. Support and encourage the growth of others.

  3. Include everyone.

  4. Do your best and trust that everyone else will, too.

  5. Be kind, even when others may not be in return.

Feedback and input welcomed!

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