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Board Minutes – November 30, 2018

The following are the Board minutes from our first VCKC Board Meeting.

First Board Meeting!  7:30pm start time, meeting via video conference

In Attendance: Ed Goldthwaite, Erin Andrews and Drew Story.
  1. Introductions & Greetings
  2. Request approval of Bylaws – Approved by Board.
    • Includes Fiscal Year approval and statement of purpose for tax exemption.

      Questions from Erin and Ed —

      – What about having other activities outside of paddling listed?
      – Volunteer time should be consider in the bylaws although 4.03.1 indicates that the Board could add this at a later date.  “Takes part in and assists with supporting the growth and health of our club.”  – Could be construed for this purpose.
      – The need for immediate expulsion: “Immediate or perceived threat of harm, including bullying, physical intimidation or other discriminatory actions or language will result in immediate suspension without Board approval required.”
      – Do we have enough language for reviewing the finances in the section on the Treasurer?  Adding “Treasurer is responsible for all financial filings, including but not limited to IRS Form 990, FTP 199, CT-1 (Attorney General form for CA), Statement of Information to be filed with the Secretary of State.”
      – To be added: “Any adult supervising or working with minor, must take and show a certificate of completion for the USOC’s “Safe Sport” online course.”

      ACTION ITEM: Drew to send revised Bylaws to Board in the next week for approval with the above suggested edits.
  3. Appointment of Officers – President, Vice President, Treasurer
    Ed as Treasurer, Drew as (non-voting member) Secretary, Erin as President, Mary as Vice President; approved by Board.
  4. Request approval for the creation of a PayPal/bank account.  Approved.
  5. Request authorization of membership costs. Approved.
    • Cost of membership (suggest $15/month to start. Elite teams later will be more.)
    • Committees and volunteer coordinators to come later.
    • Application for membership task – assign to Drew with follow up to Board.
  6. Staffing the Club – Seeking approval of Drew as Head Coach –  Approved.
    • No paid positions at this time.
    • Drew’s qualifications: He has taken and passed USOC “Safe Sport Training”, has valid CPR certification and is a Level III ICF and ACA certified coach.
  7. Coach’s Report
    • Current members, active and honorary — Membership goal for Year discussed
    • Budget reviewed and Approved by Board
    • Report on assets: equipment, trailer, etc.
    • About American Canoe Association membership and insurance – Request approval for maintaining this annually. Approved by Board
    • Plans for next three – four months:
      •    Trailer and equipment work,
      •    Boat storage,
      •    Advertising and recruitment,
      •    Establishing safe club communication.  (See Team Reach)
  8. Other Topics?
    – Insurance for boats and equipment? To be investigated
    – Board policy for insurance?  TBD when we get there.
  9. Next Meeting Target Date & Time Does Doodle work for us?  Early March will be next meeting time.
  10. Meeting Adjourned at 8:42pm

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