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2022 Fall Update

Coaches paddling in the Ventura Keys (Photo credit: Kathy DeWet)

For much of the late summer and early fall, the club had three workouts a week with solid attendance from all of our beginners. As the water has gotten cold(er) again, and we no longer have much sunlight after 4pm, we’ve cut our water workouts to be only on the weekends. Currently, we paddle on Sunday mornings for an hour or so and have plans for other cross training activities with the club. The coaches are getting out on some early morning paddles in the Keys, too.

Our beginners are mostly staying in the boat now and able to do longer paddling sessions. We try to get a minimum of 5K in with our Sunday workouts and hope to ramp up to 10K by March when we will again add some afternoon sessions in during the week.

We’ve acquired another more stable used racing kayak – a “Javelin” marathon K-1 shown below with Coach Lynn taking it out for a spin. Coupled with the older Lancer we picked up in the summer and the two Orions given to us by San Diego Canoe & Kayak Team, we are feeling better about our intermediate level boat inventory. We would still like to have a couple of more stable adult beginner K-1s (and C-1s perhaps) to add to the trailer, and we definitely need a C-2 at some point.

Coach Lynn in the Javelin K-1

With winter coming, we’ll begin to focus on endurance cross-training and weight training more.

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