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Training Calendar Posted, More Coaching Resources to Be Added

A recent discussion with a new Nelo canoe rep in America reminded me that I have long been bothered that the USACK website, our sport’s governing body, lacks a list of training resources and coaching tips for paddlers.   Given how small our sport is, the need to provide such resources to anyone interested in taking up sprint canoe and kayak seems vital.  If our governing body won’t do it, then I will on this website.  Hopefully, the USACK (and American Canoe Association) will follow up with some of their own resources, too.   You can now see the VOCC training calendar and program on our Join Us! page.

Below is a list of VOCC workouts and instructions for their use that is an updated version of what Coach Bragg provided the team back in the early 80s.


  1. Check out the workout schedule for the appropriate Training Phase on our calendar.
  2. Select a workout from the proper category. Don’t repeat any workout until you have done all the workouts in that category.
  3. Start all B, C and D workouts with 10 min of warm up. Stretch before any A workout.
  4. End all workouts with a minimum of 5 min easy paddle, warm down.
  5. During each workout, select one or two technique points to work on:
    • Body position
    • Hips
    • Knees
    • Head
    • Breathing
    • Pull hand
    • Pull arm
    • Pull shoulder
    • Upper hand
    • Upper arm
    • Upper shoulder
    • Body rotation
    • Catch
    • Pull
    • Exit
    • Keeping the boat flat
    • Stroke rate
8KAHypertrophy / Base
10KAHypertrophy / Base
12KAHypertrophy / Base
15KAHypertrophy / Base
50 min variable tempoAHypertrophy / Base
60 min variable tempoAHypertrophy / Base
2 x 10KAHypertrophy / Base
2 x 15KAHypertrophy / Base
6KAHypertrophy / Base
4KAHypertrophy / Base
Distance raceAHypertrophy / Base
12 x 500M on 5 minBBasic Strength
20 x 250M on 3 minBBasic Strength
6 x 250M, 4 x 500M, 2 x 1000MBBasic Strength
30 x 30s with 20s offBBasic Strength
20 x 40s with 20s offBBasic Strength
4 x 10s-50s Locomotive w/10 offBBasic Strength
6 x 5min w/2min offBBasic Strength
6 x 1000M on 8 minBBasic Strength
20 x 40s w/15s offBBasic Strength
4 x 500M, 4 x 250M with short restBBasic Strength
8 x 500M on 4 minBBasic Strength
12 x 250M on 3 minBBasic Strength
2 x 10s-40s-10s PyramidCStrength & Power
30 min fast variableCStrength & Power
10 x 30s buildups (80%, 90%, 95%)CStrength & Power
8 x 250M on 4minCStrength & Power
6 x 500M on 5 minCStrength & Power
6 x 250M on 3 minCStrength & Power
3 x 1000M on 7 min @ 80%CStrength & Power
4 x 250M, 4 x 500M – long restCStrength & Power
3 x 1000M @ race pace – long restDPeaking
4 x 500M @ race pace – long restDPeaking
6 x 250M @ race pace – long restDPeaking
6 x 30s @ race pace – long restDPeaking
12 x 15s @ race pace – long restDPeaking
20 x 10s starts @ race pace – long restDPeaking
2 x 500M @ race pace – long restDPeaking
2 x 250M @ race pace – long restDPeaking
Time Trial or Sprint RaceDPeaking

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