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Sponsors and Supporters

Thank you! 

Our club exists today due to the sponsorship and support we receive from the community at large. We are a registered 501(c)(3) public charity and have no employees; we are all volunteers. 

The following people and organizations have made donations of equipment and/or cash contributions.  We appreciate all donations!


Russell Adams

Sharon Alexander

Bart Allan

Wes Allison

Ann Armstrong

Bill and Nancy Bragg

Todd Browning

Ryan Carroll

Riley Carsey

Jean Baptist Cotte

Joe Crnkovich

Nellie Cohen

Stephen and Sheila Cox

Karisa and Greg Curtis

Lisa Goldthwaite Daley

Tyrone Dell

Seán Duffy

Matt Earls

Erik Edwards

Amanda Taylor Eggen

Ed Goldthwaite

Ed Gordon

Chris Gross

Mary Milner Haffner

Suzanne Harper

Dan Henderson

Howard and Susan Henderson

Kim Hayashi

Spencer Kellogg

Jack Kraus

Tony Laccaciato

Merv and Victoria Larson

Brian and Megan Lau

Brendan Lewis

Tyler Marolf

Alex Mclain

Coralie Miller

Deborah Page

Red Pedrick

Betsy Ray

Lynn Rimkus

Sarah Sweeny

Kim Rines-Rapholz

Jim and Linda Ross

Mary Alice Ross

Larry Schuette

Nadia Sanjari

Ona Shiroyama

Michael Stashwick

Ben Stefanski

Casey Stoops

Grace Story

Drew Story

Caryn Struttman

Rok Sribar

Jim Terrell

Judy Terrell

Scott Thompson

Harold van Deinse

Nicole von Gaza

John Yamasaki

Mark Zollitsch

Willem Zwart


Dana Outrigger
Elder Electric, Inc.
San Diego Canoe & Kayak Team
Stellar Kayaks
Washington Canoe Club

Supporting Services

Bank of the Sierra – A small local bank that provides our club with a free checking account.
Bonfire – They provide the club with a discount on fees for fundraising through branded clothing.
Canva – Design templates and online tools provided for free.
Google – Provides the club with free GSuite accounts.
PayPal – Discounted fees for online financial transactions.
Wave Accounting – Free online accounting tools and payment gateways.